Colors of Portugal

Dear all,

Now that we are left with no “Weekly Photo Challenge,” many of us feel disappointed (I’m one of them). Yet before we all go our separate ways, I want to share great news with you. Some brave souls decided to take matters in their own hands and continue on their own (praise be Photography Deities!).

This is an announcement put out by my dear friend Tina Schell, whom I’ve been following for some time (and I highly recommend that you follow her, too; not only does she post great photos, she also supplies them with thoughtful commentaries).

Anyway, here it is :  I hope this will inspire you as much as it inspired me.

Speaking of inspiration, as I said before, Tina is a very accomplished photographer and a great source for inspiration. In fact, her last post — “Colors of Summer” — inspired my today’s post: “Colors of Portugal.”

The thing is that I recently visited Portugal (in fact, my husband and I spent three weeks there (those of you who’d like to read about that, click here). I was charmed by that country, and I came back with hundreds of images. Some of them I’d like to share with you.

Colors of Portugal