Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Barcelona Magic Fountain
_MG_0259 _MG_0165 _MG_0177 _MG_0160 _MG_0154 _MG_0149 _MG_0147

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©Svetlana Grobman. All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

  1. I just saw the challenge this week! I was looking at all the entries for inspiration and think that your pictures are very unique( most people posted photos of flowers) congrats!


    • Thank you, Tina. We just happen to be in Barcelona (we just got home last night), and I really enjoyed taking pictures of the fountain (it’s accompanied by music, too). I didn’t have the time to really work on my pictures — get rid of the noise, etc. — but I thought the subject was good anyway. Do you have any exciting summer plans yourself?


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