Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Book cover smallDear Friends, 

My dream of publishing my first book – my memoir — is about to come true!  I spent five years writing it, and I spent another year suffering through twenty or so rejections (and even more instances of dead silence) from literary agents and publishing houses.  Finally, after many emotional ups and downs, I decided to publish my book on my own (not a quick and easy project either :-)).  So, in a matter of weeks, The Education of a Traitor will be available from Amazon—first in a Kindle edition and later in print.  How do I feel about this?  I’m scared and excited. After all, it’s my baby that I’m releasing into the world! I hope it will find readers.

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And now, Dreamy:

2855 hs











©Svetlana Grobman

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

    • Thank you for your support, Tina! Right now, I’m busy with formatting my book, getting all technical details right, and stuff like that. But, when I’m not busy, I feel scared. Oh, well. We have an expression in Russian, “If you said A, you must say B.” In other words, I cannot stop now :).

      P.S. Thank you for adding your name to my list!


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