Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

For the last three days, our town hosted a Roots and Blues music festival. We went on Saturday. The concert started at sunset and continued well into the night. Taking pictures with long lenses was prohibited, so I had to use my 50mm prime lens. Also, I couldn’t get very close. Oh, well 😦

4770 h



Rosanne Cash:

John Prine:


So, here it is — my nighttime photo report 🙂

©Svetlana Grobman

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

    • Yes, we had fun! There must have been several thousand people for John Prine. There was this one lady next to me (in her 60s probably) who screamed through the whole concert, and especially when he sang “See’mon, baby, spend the night with me.” She immediately screamed, “Yes, I will!” 🙂

      Thank you for the moon compliment!


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